The group was formed circa 2010 by two nurses Helen Johnson and Jill Youd who worked in Urology at the then Salford Royal Foundation Trust (srft).


The group is not a registered charity, however “Prostate Cancer UK” and “Tackle Prostate Cancer” have in the past given us grants for operational uses and Booth’s Charities have been very helpful in giving us grants to take the group out for recreational purposes which we are very grateful to them.


The first meetings were at Elm Bank Banqueting and Conference Centre, Half Edge Lane, Eccles we are still there and we are enormously grateful for all the support that they give us.


After the first three or four meetings the group became self – governing and there is an elected chairperson, treasurer and secretary, all three stand for re-election every January.


Wives and partners are encouraged to attend meetings and also widows of deceased members are welcome to the meetings.


We understand that everyone’s Prostate Cancer journey is different, which is why we have built a community who listens to your worries, provides you with useful information and hopefully helps them to decide which direction is best for them. We’re here to normalise conversations and ensure that you and the people around you feel supported through every step of your prostate journey.


1 in 8 men in the UK are diagnosed with Prostate Cancer at some point during their lifetime, with the rates being even higher in Afro-Caribbean men (1-4). We want to amplify the voice of all people living with and affected by Prostate Cancer through impactful campaigns to help normalise conversations around taboo topics.


During the year we  hold what we call “ Awareness Days “ ...... We set up an information table at the entrance to Supermarkets, Gateways and Shopping centres, we offer leaflets and information about prostate cancer; We do not offer qualified medical advice.