We will be adding Other Activities During The Year   

Wednesday 17th January 2024 AGM    Group Meeting

Wednesday 21st     February    2024      Group Meeting

Wednesday 20th     March        2024      Group Meeting

Friday           22nd    March         2024    Tesco Super Market Salford 

Sunday        14th     April           2024       Group Day Out Sunday Lunch on Bridgewater Canal 

Wednesday 17th     April           2024      Group Meeting  Speaker Sam Cook HealthWatch 

Wednesday  15th    May            2024      Group Meeting  Speaker Michael Collins  CVS Breathing Better

Wednesday 19th    June            2024      Group Meeting 

Wednesday  17th    July             2024      Group Meeting

Wednesday  21st    August        2024      Group Meeting

Wednesday  18th    September 2024      Group Meeting

Wednesday  16th    October       2024      Group Meeting

Wednesday  20th   November    2024      Group Meeting

Wednesday  18th   December    2024      Group Meeting